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election program summary

Giving Dresden “her” top priority back!

Dear Citizens of Dresden,

On the 10th of July, you will decide who will get to lead city hall and hence shape our future for the next seven years.


If Dresden is going to remain a city in the heart of Europe worth living in, it will need clear answers to the urgent issues of our time and a mayor who will address the immense challenges with commitment, reliability and integrity.


My name is Eva Jähnigen, I was born and raised in Dresden – and I am running to be your mayor. My experience in politics and in administration as well as my openness for all things new will help me lead Dresden towards a better future for all of us. That is why I am asking for your vote.

Shaping our city together

The power of its dedicated citizens is our city’s greatest treasure. As mayor, I will ensure that, in the future, the ideas of Dresdners are better integrated into the administrative decision-making process. For that, I want to expand the city’s digital offer and develop new forms of participation. This is how we will move Dresden forward together.  

Education and culture for all

Offering good education from the beginning will make an important contribution to equal opportunities in our city. As mayor, I want to improve the access to our educational offers for all and I will strongly support cultural education. Our city lives from art and culture like almost no other town. The Corona pandemic and its aftermath have shown us how important it is for the mayor to be a strong advocate for culture in all its different aspects and representations. 

A strong stance for a multicultural Dresden

A strong and self-confident civil society is the best protection against the enemies of democracy and also helps against discrimination. The many citizens committed to a multicultural and peaceful Dresden where we can all live together will be able to count on my support as mayor. I stand for a Dresden that offers a home to people from all over the world.

Setting the pace for more bicycles, buses and trains

The future of Dresden will require a city with shorter distances and environmentally-friendly mobility. As mayor, I will forcefully develop and accelerate public transportation. I want to build more bike paths and improve existing ones to make cycling more attractive and safer for all Dresdners. Our transportation planning must reduce land consumption as well as lower noise and air pollution.

At home in Dresden, affordable and livable for all

Dresden has to become a real home for all. As mayor, I want to actively create more affordable housing, support ecological building and improve the living quality in our neighborhoods. A healthy environment offering enough green space to move around, to experience nature and to relax has to be made available for all to enjoy.

Dresden – climate neutral by 2035

Heatwaves in summer, dying forests and periods of drought – climate change and its consequences also represent a huge challenge for our city. As mayor, I will make climate protection my top priority and lead Dresden to climate neutrality by 2035. Only by developing renewable energy can our city remain an attractive place to live and work and be independent from energy imports.

On the 10th of July, vote for your mayor!

EVA ALL THE WAY - Eva Jähnigen – Mayor for Dresden

Details on all of these issues at: Wahlprogramm
Donate to Eva Jähnigen’s election campaign: Commitment, Reliability, Integrity


Election date:

10 July 2022 – 2nd round

Did you already know? Until the 8th of July, you can apply for a postal ballot.